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Lead generation for your real estate business

4 reasons to why use lead generation for your real estate business

First of all, what is lead generation? Well it is a term coined in marketing, where the idea is to get the attention of potential buyers. Making them aware of a product or service. At this point they are then called “leads”. These leads are then further qualified through sales techniques to hopefully make a business transaction. With that being said, here are 4 reasons why use lead generation for your real estate business.

lead generation marketing


Streamline your business

Lead generation companies help you get prospective customers. They do this by running marketing campaigns on your behalf. They specialize in creating awareness for your brand. By not working about this you can spend your precious time towards other aspects of your business.

Lead generation basically gathers up high intent clients for your business. Allowing you to focus on converting them into sales.


Return on investment (ROI)

A single lead can cost as high as $50. At first glance this sounds very expensive. However, what if you were able to turn that lead into a paying client? Then it would be well worth it. 

To put it into perspective, imagine you came across a lead generation company that charges $30 per lead. Given that their leads have a conversion rate of 1 in 125, i.e. 0.8%. If you paid for 125 leads, this means you would have invested $3750. But recall that we can at least convert 1 of them to be a client. Let’s say you represented him in selling his $500,000 home. After selling his home you got 3% commission. This means you were able to get a revenue of $12,500 from this transaction. In other words you had a net profit of $8750! We can also say you had an ROI of 233%. Of course this is a simplified version, but this is the type of ROI you can expect from lead generation.


Brand awareness

Your friends and family can only get you so many referrals. However lead generations can broaden your brand awareness through their marketing expertise. They can help you with your online traction. By increasing your brand awareness, the more likely people will think of you when buying or selling a home.


Targeted customers

Lead generation agencies target specific leads to forward to their clients. For real estate agents this could mean taking into consideration a few parameters. These parameters include: buyer or seller, location, and budget range. A lead generation campaign always keeps in mind the ideal customer for a business.



In summary, lead generation can definitely help you with your real estate business. 

First, it allows you to focus your energy and time in converting your leads. You can probably run your own lead generation campaign. But juggling too much at once can have a negative impact on your overall business management. 

Second, lead generation ROI can be very high. Converting a lead could be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. Especially in the real estate space. 

Third, it helps with your brand awareness. This means that there is a greater association of you when people think of buying or selling a home. 

Lastly, they help you gain prospective clients specific to your business. Saving you time in qualifying false leads.

To learn more about lead generation check our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Leads’. For more information about lead generation services feel free to contact us. Let us know how we can provide value for your real estate business.