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Google Analytics For Real Estate Agents

Gain customer insight with Google Analytics

Data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen

Google Analytics for real estate agents is an invaluable tool. With today’s technologies, we can process data like never before. According to Forbes, Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day. All these data are being harvested to gain new insight into the way people behave. From learning people’s behaviors, companies can better position themselves in creating better products and effective marketing campaigns. A tool which you can use to log 

Luckily these technologies are increasingly becoming more accessible.


Google Analytics and Real Estate

Google it!

One of the technologies that we can use is Google Analytics (GA). GA is a free tool and helps you gather data on your website traffic. If you haven’t added this powerful tool, you can simply follow the official documentation on how to integrate it with your webpage. 

Some of the metrics that GA provides include traffic sources, audience, and the technologies that your viewers use to access your webpage. 


Life is learning how to deal with traffic

Knowing where your website traffic is coming from is a great metric on your website performance. GA can pinpoint your user traffic source drilled down to the very city. By having an idea of where your traffic is coming from, you can better target them. If you are getting a lot of traffic from one city that you are not servicing as a real estate, then maybe you should look into expanding your service in that area.


Know your customers

The GA platform also provides a comprehensive view of the behavior of your audience. You can get information on the number of users from a given time frame. How many pages they have viewed on your site and how long were they in your site. It can also differentiate returning visitors to new visitors. Knowing these numbers gives you important feedback on how your site is being perceived.

Have the number of users increased since you have implemented your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign a few months back? If yes, then great your SEO is working. If not, then you know that something needs to be changed.

Is the average session a user spends on your site decreasing compared to a few months ago? Then you dive deeper into why you think that is. Does your page need better wordings? Is there too much text? Maybe you need eye-catching images to keep them engaged.


Data beats opinions

We have just talked about a very small portion of the metrics which GA provides. With hard data, you can make better decisions for your real estate business’ online presence. They have many more metrics that you can use to see how well your online presence is being received. With this data, you can tweak your site and how you can funnel more traffic towards it.

Google Analytics for real estate agents is one of the many tools that can help you get more leads. However to create an online marketing campaign can be very intimidating. Fortunately, LeadHornet provides a specialized service focused on real estate. Contact us on how we can help you get higher intent leads.